MUND2001 - Research: Time event discovery from discourse representation structures (DRS's) and schedule ontology instantiation

Here is a summary of the main files developed in this process.
File Description
time_event_DRS.pdf Final report of research activities on this period on the subject of time event identification and extraction in natural language from DRS structures. You can also download a small presentation on the report.
jXDRS is a Java API desingned to represent DRS structures in an object oriented manner in java. This version uses a deprecated version of ccg2cem by Johan Bos.
jXDRS API HTML link to the jXDRS' API
ParseValidator-20060623.tgz This is the resulting software for the research. It instantiates time even ontologies from a text. It requires jXDRS to access the DRS' from ccg2cem.

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